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About the Eat Local Foods Coalition of Maine

strawberry pickingThe Eat Local Foods Coalition (ELFC) is a state-wide coalition that seeks to put more Maine food on more Maine tables more often.  Doing so will result in economic benefits, greater local food security and sovereignty, enhanced health and nutrition and vibrant local food culture.  

ELFC is a collaborative coalition of organizations, agencies, businesses and individuals interested in creating a shift towards a locally-based food system that is economically vibrant, environmentally sustainable, and healthy.

ELFC is a Convenor

ELFC invites everyone to the "local foods" table.  Every person, agency, organization and business working to strengthen our local food system has a role to play.

ELFC is a Connector

There are dozens of groups working on local food issues across the state.  ELFC is the place where they come together, communicate about their projects, compare notes and opportunities for collaboration.  We see the proliferation of many different groups as a healthy diversity.  Through connecting and sharing, we can only strengthen to collective impact of our various approaches.

ELFC is an Amplifier

ELFC members have their own missions and work plans.  By sharing ideas and information across the ELFC table, those missions and plans travel far and wide across the Maine food landscape.  Messages find new ears, events and opportunities are broadcast to our network and we champion one another's work.

ELFC is an Inclusive Table

We are known as a welcoming and inclusive coalition that invites a wide variety of "food system participants" from farmers and fishermen to non-profit, academic and agency staff, individuals, students, consumers and business owners.  We are "non-denominational" in terms of our philosophy, other than all agreeing on the importance of strengthening our local food system.

ELFC is an Advocate

From local town ordinances right up through state and federal regulations and programs, policy plays an important role in shaping our food landscape, choices and health.  ELFC and its coalition members are there, understanding and translating this complex terrain and working toward the best possible outcomes for our local food systems in Maine.


Learn more about ELFC's story through the Maine Network Partners web site profile.

Please consider becoming a dues-paying member by using the donation button below.  Suggested member levels are:

Individuals:  $35

Small business/organization (budget under $100K): $100

Businesses/organizations (budget more than $100K): $250

Current Coalition Members:

Contact Information:
The Eat Local Foods Coalition of Maine (ELFC)
PO Box 11096 Portland, Maine 04104
telephone: 207-619-ELFC (619-3532)
elfcmaine (at) gmail (dot) com

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